Wednesday 18th October 2017

18:30 Wednesday 18th

Poster Area Poster 18:30 → 20:30
Poster Session

  • Natalia Aganezova P1. Contraception among medical students: preferences and knowledge
  • Jaime Algorta P2. Contraceptive vaginal rings have advantages in efficacy, safety and acceptability.
  • Hayat Alharthy P3. Menopause and HRT..UP DATE
  • Guzal Artikkhodjaeva P4. The impacts of the thyroid gland diseases on a current of menopause.
  • Jongkil Joo P19. Effect of oral contraceptives treatment on quality of life of Korean women with polycystic ovary syndrome
  • Guzal Artikkhodjaeva P5. The hormonal disturbances, physical characteristics and metabolic differences in premenopausal and postmenopausal women with an excess weight.
  • Bibiana Bajtekova P6. Menopausal uterus volume correlates with vitamin D level, depending on the season and the condition of the uterus.
  • Virginia Calvente Aguilar P7. Contraception: Myths and realities
  • Peter Chedraui P8. Higher serum vaspin, omentin-1, adipsin, adiponectin and angiopoietin-2 levels correlated with the postmenopause rather than the metabolic status: Report of a Pilot Study
  • Luis Correia P9. The effects of metformin treatment in insulin-related genes expression in polycystic ovary syndrome
  • Eliona Demaliaj P10. Clinical significance of atypical squamous cells of undetermined significance in detecting preinvasive cervical lesions in pre and post menopausal Albanian women
  • Sergey Dzugan P11. Osteoporosis. Failure of steroid biosynthesis. Stress fractures.
  • Maria Faranna P12. Subdermal implant, an optimal choice in Public Health
  • SHAHI Farzana Tasmin P13. Management of PCOS in Childhood
  • Feruza Gafurova P14. Clinical efficiency of the treatment of post-menopausal women with thyroid disorders.
  • Feruza Gafurova P15. Menopause and the metabolic syndrome: clinical efficiency of the hormone replacement therapy.
  • Peter Greenhouse P16. Transdermal estradiol treatment of premenstrual dysphoric disorder prevents catamenial genital herpes: A proof-of-concept study
  • Nodira Inoyatova P17. Effects of the menopausal hormonal therapy on insulin sensitivity in menopausal women with thyroid dysfunction
  • Nodira Inoyatova P18. Factors affecting cardiovascular mortality risk in postmenopausal age women with stable arterial hypertension.
  • Patricija Kasilovska P20. Clinical signs and hormonal changes in woman with PCOS
  • Dubravko Lepusic P21. Responsible sexual behaviour among adolescents, how to pass the information onto them?
  • Jose MARANON P22. Examine the effect of supplementation of a novel combination of high genistein soybean extract and pyrogallol plus polyphenols from standardized pumpkin seed extract in perimenopausal women with urinary (UI) incontinence.
  • Aditi Naik P23. Haematocolpometra – A Cause of Constipation to Remember!
  • Zeina Naoum P24. “My mama told me it would happen”: Women’s experiences with menarche and menstruation in the United States
  • Klaus Nickisch P25. Orientating studies aimed at an animal model for the study of hormonal emergency contraception (HEC)
  • Maria Antonia Obiol Saiz P26. Over-diagnosis of chlamydia genital infection: our experience with point-of-care testing.
  • Manuel Parra P27. Evolution in perceptions of the impact on mortality of cardiovascular disease in a women population from 2007 to 2016.
  • Faustino Pérez-López P28. Meta-analysis of studies evaluating the association of endometriosis and gestational diabetes mellitus.
  • Celestino Ronchi P29. Description of the development of a new contraceptive vaginal ring
  • Ekaterina Sheremetyeva P30. The role of melatonin in the pathogenesis of polycystic ovary syndrome and its relationship with anovulation
  • nina slabe P31. Quality of life among perimenopausal slovenian women
  • Liudmila Stavinskaia P32. Efficiency of the prolonged regimen of oral contraceptive with drosperinon in the premenstrual syndrome (pms)
  • Liudmila Stavinskaia P33. The prevalence of thyroid dysfunction in female patients with chronic hepatic disease
  • Mohammed Alam P34. Observational Study of ulipristal acetate for the treatment of uterine fibroids in a University Teaching Hospital.
  • Joanna marie Alday P35. Rosai-dorfman disease: pelvic manifestation case report
  • Bibiana Bajtekova P36. Uterine volume in menopause correlates either with MPV or with CRP & Neutrophil count, depending on the presence of leiomyomas.
  • Piyush Bansal P37. The role of GnRH analogues(GnRH-a) in improving outcome in women undergoing super-ovulation (SO) and intra-uterine insemination (IUI) after surgical correction of minimal to mild endometriosis: a randomized control trial.
  • Alexandra Belousova P38. Endoscopic lateral suspension using the T-shaped mesh implant as an effective and safe method for correcting the apical prolapse of the genitals
  • Jean-Marc Bohbot P39. The relevance of NNP association in first-line empirical local treatment of infectious vaginitis.
  • Alberto Catapano P40. Evaluation of an oral Lactobacillus plantarum P 17630 medical device in women with Recurrent Vulvovaginal Candidiasis (RVVC): a randomized double blind controlled clinical study versus placebo.
  • Huseyin Cengiz P41. Persistent Groin Pain Following Transobturatuar Tape: Management wihout excision of the tape
  • Huseyin Cengiz P42. McCall Culdoplasty vs. minimally invasive Sacrospinous Ligament Fixation after vaginal hysterectomy: a retrospective study
  • Jung-Hye Choi P43. Hepatocyte nuclear factor-1 beta (HNF-1β) inhibits oxidative stress-induced apoptosis in human endometriotic cells
  • Ainhoa Coco P44. Vesicovaginal fistula. A complication after colposacropexy
  • Vatsla Dadhwal P45. An unusual cause of abdominal mass
  • José de Lima Filho P46. Case report: uterine leiomioma
  • Valéria Do Nascimento P47. Heterotopic pregnancy with spontaneous conception: case report
  • Carla Domi­nguez Gallardo P48. Abdominopelvic actinomycosis associated with an intrauterine device: a case report.
  • Chiara Frendo-Balzan P49. Diagnosis Dilemma: Munchausen or Strep Avium?
  • Chiara Frendo-Balzan P50. Persistent weight gain despite dieting, leads to discovery of a 27kg ovarian mass
  • Dario Garcia-Rojo P51. Acupuncture for the treatment of overactive bladder: a systematic review of the literature.
  • Aurora Garre P52. Open label, prospective, moisturizing and anti-itching efficacy study of a moisturizing vulvar gel containing borage oil, bisabolol and protective polymers.
  • Michael Gavrilov P53. Laparoscopic myomectomy and perioperative bleeding. New approaches.
  • Mónica Gomes Ferreira P54. Behçet syndrome as a genital ulcer differential diagnosis
  • Corinne Granger P55. An open-label prospective study to evaluate the efficacy and tolerability of a medical device with glyceryl polyacrylate moisturizer and glycerin for vaginal dryness and atrophy.
  • Ahmet Guzel P56. A Cheap and Safe Technique in Morcellation Myomas During Laparoscopic Surgery Using Surgical Glove
  • Kazim Karasahin P57. The effect of the stage of laparoscopically treated endometriosis on the outcome of in vitro fertilization
  • Kazim Karasahin P58. Is Laparoscopic Tubal Sterilization associated with Premature Menopause?
  • Jatinder Kaur P59. Heavy Menstrual Bleeding Doesn’t Mean Endless Hospital Appointments.
  • Abdallah Khemis P60. Resistant condylomas: Successful cure with topical Nitrizinc Complex solution after unsuccessful cryotherapy and or Imiquimod treatment.
  • Irina Lapina P61. Polycystic ovary syndrome (pcos) and venous tromboembolism
  • Sanghoon Lee P62. The comparative efficacy and safety of intravenous ferric carboxymaltose with iron sucrose for the treatment of preoperative anemia with menorrhagia: An open-label, multicenter, randomized study
  • Adriana Longo P63. Cystic Ovarian Teratoma with intracystic fat balls: a case report
  • Flavia Marcelle Maia P64. Abdominal Gossypiboma after previous cesarean section: case report
  • Sladjana Mihajlovic P65. Prevention of complications befor gynecological intervention
  • Liana Mkrtchian P66. The use and efficacy of hyaluronic acid based bulking gels for treatment of atrophic vaginitis
  • Hiroki Morita P67. Painless thyroiditis after laparoscopic surgery
  • Santiago Palacios P68. Evaluation of the benefits of a newly marketed vaginal gel (palomacarer) on vaginal health of peri and postmenopausal women (atrovag survey)
  • Swati Pralhad P69. Towards a common etiopathogenesis: periodontal disease and endometriosis
  • Maria Ines Rosa P70. Efficacy ulipristal acetate for fibroid treatment : a meta-analysis study
  • helena savc P71. Rare cause of acute abdomen: adnexal torsion in 10weeks high risk primigravida
  • Vrishali Shenoy P72. An Overview of the hysterectomy process comparing the indication, complication rates and length of stay for different hysterectomy methods in the Gynaecology department at Darlington Memorial Hospital
  • Darya Shishkina P73. Endometrioid ovarian formation. Peculiarities of timp-1 and timp-2 genes expression.
  • Napoleão Silva P74. Non-puerperal uterine inversion: a case report and systematic review.
  • Maria da Conceicao Simoes P75. Avaliação diagnostica de massa pelvica.
  • Alexander Tikhomirov P76. Prevention of the recurrence of uterine fibroids after myomectomy
  • Nahid Yasmin P77. Abdominal scar endometriosis after caesarean section : a case report
  • Nahid Yasmin P78. Abdominal tuberculosis of a bangladeshi woman : a case report
  • Suk-Ran Yoon P79. Interleukin-6 contributes to the pathogenesis of endometriosis by suppression of NK cell activity via regulation of SHP-2 expression
  • Eva Zsak P80. Ethical Dilemmas Regarding Pre- And Perinatal Mortality In Hungary
  • Rashda Bano P81. Miracles do happen: A case report of successful IVF pregnancy after a very low early maternal serum beta-human chorionic gonadotrophin levels.
  • Chiara Castellini P82. Possible role of mitochondrial membrane potential (ΔΨm) and ROS in long-term human sperm motility
  • Josep Gonzalo P83. Is there any difference in the egg donation experience between donors who had children compared with those who haven’t?
  • Peter Greenhouse P84. Demand for Female Genital Cosmetic Surgery (labiaplasty) is successfully reduced by counselling and use of the Great Wall of Vagina artwork
  • Jongkil Joo P85. Retrospective analysis of clinical factors that affect pregnancy rate in frozen-thawed embryo transfer of freeze-all policy
  • Lorraine Kasaven P86. A Rare Complication of Acute Hepatic Dysfunction associated with Severe Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome following In Vitro Oocyte Retrieval.
  • Rana Kim P87. The long-term management of midtrimester oligohydramnios with traditional Korean medicine: a case report
  • Rachel Levy-Toledano P88. Ovaleap Effectiveness in Comparison to Gonal-f: A Post-hoc Analysis
  • Mansoureh Movahedin P89. Protective effects of Calligonum comosum extract prescription on ovary of polycystic ovary mouse model
  • Clara Sanz Perez P90. Hysteroscopy in patients with normal transvaginal ultrasound prior to IVF : a randomized controlled trial.
  • Regina Schneidereit P91. Oocyte fertilization rate, embryo transfer, and user satisfaction with follitropin alfa in real-world assisted reproductive technology clinical practice: a multicenter, prospective, open, non-interventional study
  • usha subramani P92. Factors predicting the outcome in stimulated iui cycles
  • Mashael Alshebly P93. The effect of breastfeeding on risk of breast cancer in Saudi women
  • Duk Soo Bae P94. Clinical outcomes of patients with clear cell and endometrioid ovarian cancer arising in endometriosis
  • Paulina Banach P95. Diagnostic Value of Serum Angiogenesis Markers in Gestational Trophoblastic Disease using Multiplex Immunoassay
  • Josep Combalia P96. Efficacy of a coriolus versicolor-based vaginal gel to repair cervical mucosa with high-risk hpv lesions. Interim analysis results
  • Cem Dane P97. Perivascular epithelioid cell tumor of the uterus (PECOMA): A rare case
  • Yann Gaslain P98. Use of a coriolus versicolor-based vaginal gel in patients with precancerous hpv lesions. Interim analysis results
  • Serge Ginter P99. Denosumab and Cancer Cell migration
  • Silvia Gonzalez P100. Effect of a non-hormonal coriolus versicolor vaginal gel among positive-hpv women with no colposcopy cervical lesions. A pilot study.
  • Radosław Janicki P101. Incidental neuroendocrine tumor excised during cesarean section – case report
  • Jatinder Kaur P102. Is Total Laparoscopic Hysterectomy an acceptable option for the treatment of early stage endometrial cancer?
  • Valentina Kiseleva P103. High integration of human papillomavirus DNA implicates poor clinical outcome in patients with uterine cervical cancer of third stage
  • Zuzanna Lada P104. Utility of HE4 to identify patients with endometrioid endometrial cancer who may require lymphadenectomy
  • Zuzanna Lada P105. Serum levels of IL-6, IL-8 and CRP as prognostic factors in epithelial ovarian cancer
  • Hiroki Morita P106. Preoperative diagnosis of struma ovarii using image study
  • Maria Valente P107. Clinical and demographic features among women with high risk human papillomavirus infection others than 16/18 with normal cervical cytology
  • Ana Neves P108. HPV high risk (hr) serotypes: are the differences important?
  • Monika Nukala P109. evolution scoring system in ovarian malignancy imaging
  • Santiago Palacios P110. Efficacy of a coriolus versicolor-based vaginal gel to repair cervical mucosa with hpv lesions. preliminary results of a clinical trial
  • Analia   Pesado P111. Primary malignant melanoma of the uterine cervix
  • Hoorieh Soleimanjahi P112. Construction and formulation of Archaeosome nanoparticles containing uE6/uE7/uL1 chimeric plasmid as a therapeutic Papillomavirus type 16 vaccine
  • Hrvojka Soljacic Vranes P113. Ovarian cancer with metastasis to the sternum
  • Paulina Soponska-Brzoszczyk P114. Paraneoplastic cerebrall degeneration with anti-YO antibodies in a patient with ovarian cancer
  • Jenifer Sousa P115. Diagnostic evaluation of pelvic mass.
  • Katarzyna Terlikowska P116. HE4 and CA125 and ROMA index in the differential diagnosis of ovarian masses
  • Katarzyna Terlikowska P117. The prognostic value of VEGF, survivin, and Smac/DIABLO serum levels in patients with serous ovarian carcinoma
  • Leopoldo Tinoco P118. Persistence of human papillomavirus infection after LEEP for High-Grade Squamous Intraepithelial Lesions in an Oncology Hospital of Ecuador.
  • Leopoldo Tinoco P119. Microinvasive carcinoma 1A1 of the cervix in Oncology Hospital Solca Quito -Ecuador during the period 2005-2017. Case series report
  • GEORGE IATRAKIS P120. A Modified Risk Malignancy Index, to predict Ovarian cancer, a bicentric preliminary study
  • Mona Abdelrahman P121. Obstetric Anal Sphincter Injuries (OASIS): A survey of training and clinical practice among trainee obstetricians in Ireland.
  • Mona Abdelrahman P122. An audit of External Cephalic Version performed by a single operator in an Irish maternity hospital
  • Mashael Alshebly P123. Evaluation of Oxidative Stress and Antioxidant status in diabetic and hypertensive women during labor
  • Divva Aurelia Amelinda P124. Multifetal Pregnancy: Maternal and Perinatal Outcome in Dr. Sardjito Teaching Hospital 2011 – 2015
  • Priya Ballal P125. Lustrum story on labour induction
  • PIYUSH BANSAL P126. Mirror Syndrome: A Case Report
  • Bruna Baratella P127. Case report: Endometriosis in fallopian tubes and ectopic pregnancy.Supervisor: Dra Maria da Conceição Ribeiro Simões -Ginecologista-Obstetra -Supervisora do Programa de Residência Médica de Obstetrícia e Ginecologia do Hospital de Base Dr Ary Pinheiro.
  • Edlira BYLYKBASHI P128. Ureaplasma urealiticum and mycoplasma hominis (u-m) in pregnancy .
  • Ersin Cintesun P129. Pregnancy and Klippel-Trenaunay syndrome: A case presentation
  • Ersin Çintesun P130. Maternal and Fetal Outcomes of Multiple Repeated Cesarean Deliveries
  • Cem Dane P131. Five cases of placenta previa with accreta: the maternal and fetal outcome from a tertiary center
  • Jose De Lima Filho P132. Vulvar hematoma in puerpera with von willebrand’s disease of a maternity in amazon region.
  • Ednea De Oliveira P133. Malaria vivax in pregnant attended in a school hospital of amazon region.
  • Eliona Demaliaj P134. The Prevalence of Vaginal Microorganisms in Pregnant Women with Preterm Labor and Preterm Birth
  • Filiberto Di Prospero P135. Prevention of Neonatal Group B Streptococcal Infection and overuse of antibiotics in the delivery room.
  • Valeria do Nascimento P136. Extraovarian fibrothecoma evidenced in cesarean section: case report
  • Aurora Garre P137. An open-label prospective study to evaluate the efficacy and tolerability of a firming cream for the post-partum period containing Proteasyl and hydroxyprolisilane.
  • Ioan-Iulian Iordache P138. Life with retrochorial hematoma – a case report
  • yildirim karaoglan P139. Cesarean Scar Pregnancy: A Case Report
  • Sangeetha Karunanithi P140. Gender ratio in a tertiary maternity care centre in India
  • Peter Kaščák P141. Perinatal results in women above 35-40 years of age in faculty hospital trencin.
  • Gagandeep Kaur P142. Hypertensive disorders of pregnancy – major contributor to near miss mortality
  • Venla Kemppainen P143. Pain during medical abortion in early pregnancy
  • Pralhad Kushtagi P144. Pregnancy-related hypertension in a multigravida with previous cesarean delivery
  • Glaucia Lamego P145. Delay in the psychomotor development of a premature mother born with falciparum malaria.
  • Glaucia Lamego P146. Case report of monochroric and monoamniotic twin gesture in a gestante at school hospital of rondônia, brazil.
  • Flavia Marcelle Maia P147. Uterine torsion in pregnant uterus: case report
  • Flavia Marcelle Maia P148. Complications of Darier’s disease exacerbation in pregnancy: a case report
  • Louise Mallam P149. Idiopathic Thrombocytopenia- Can a Diagnosis of Exclusion Really be Diagnosed?
  • Ma Karla Lucille Musa P150. A Comparison of the Efficacy of a Single Dose Fosfomycin Trometamol versus a Five-Day Nitrofurantoin Regimen in the Treatment of Urinary Tract Infection among pregnant patients at a Tertiary Medical Center: A Single Blind Randomized Controlled Trial
  • Merve Olgun P151. Clinical characteristics and pregnancy outcomes among women of Syrian refugees
  • Ayodeji Oluwole P152. A comparative study of serum vitamin d levels in women with preterm and normal term deliveries in southwest nigeria.
  • Karolina Panek-Laszczyńska P153. Alive term-delivered newborn with body stalk anomaly – case report
  • Ibrahim Polat P154. The effectiveness of double incision technique in uterus preserving surgery for placenta percreta
  • Adriana Ramalho P155. Case report of toxoplasmose in pregnant served in maternity of rondã”nia, brazil.
  • Adriana Ramalho P156. Necrosant fasceãte in patient in the late puerpãrio – case report
  • Kryzia Rodrigues Carvalho P157. Vivax malaria recurrent in astest bronchite carrier with region amazonica: case report
  • Ozlem Secilmis Kerimoglu P158. Bilateral femoral neck and head fractures resulting from transient osteoporosis of pregnancy
  • Rozeta Shahinaj P159. The role of transvaginal assessment of cervical length in threatened preterm labor
  • Adithi Shetty P160. Questioning the need for thromboprophylaxis in dvt among indian women in coastal region
  • Nikil Shetty P161. Declining use of peripartum hysterectomy in atonic postpartum haemorrhage
  • Maria Da Conceição Simões P162. Mixed Malaria in the gestation in the Western Amazon: case report
  • usha subramani P163. Development and validation of a cervical score for predicting vaginal delivery in induction of labour
  • Vesna Vukotic/Pavlovic P164. Trisomy of x chromosome and diagnosis

Thursday 19th October 2017

09:45 Thursday 19th

Room F Sponsored Symposium 09:45 → 11:15
Current management of uterine fibroids with ulipristal acetate (Sponsored by Gedeon Richter)

Chairperson/s: Joaquim Calaf Alsina

  • Perrine Capmas Pre-operative use of ulipristal acetate
  • Meritxell Gracia Medical management of fibroids in perimenopausal women
  • Mathieu Luyckx Long-term non-surgical treatment with ulipristal acetate in women of reproductive age enabling pregnancy

13:30 Thursday 19th

Room H Sponsored Lunch Symposium 13:30 → 15:15
Evolution of vaginal ring in contraception- Sponsored by Exeltis –

Chairperson/s: Johannes Bitzer , Inaki Lete

  • Rosella Nappi Benefits of vaginal ring in contraception.
  • Christian Egarter The evolution of the vaginal ring in contraception.
  • Artur Jakimiuk New vaginal ring patient acceptance

16:30 Thursday 19th

Room F Sponsored Symposium 16:30 → 18:00
Novel approaches in pregnancy care and cervical cancer screening: clinical evidence meets innovation -Sponsored by Roche Diagnostics International –

Chairperson/s: Juan Acuna

  • Jose Luis Bartha Non-invasive prenatal testing (NIPT) as primary screening in the first trimester of pregnancy
  • Holger Stepan sFlt-1 / PlGF ratio: a novel tool for the management of women with suspected preeclampsia
  • Marta del Pino Saladrigues Optimizing cervical cancer screening strategies: we can do better

Friday 20th October 2017

09:45 Friday 20th

Room J Sponsored Symposium 09:45 → 11:15
Premature Rupture of Membrane (PROM) and Preterm PROM (pPROM) – state of the art diagnostic tools – Sponsored by PRIMA Lab SA –

Chairperson/s: Andrea R. Genazzani

  • Vered Pardo-Yissar Premature Ruptured of Membranes (PROM) and Preterm PROM (PPROM) A Novel Panty Liner Diagnostic Tool.
  • Jerry Chen Maximise chances to get pregnant naturally. Innovative Technology Boosts Fertility and Conception.
  • Vered Pardo-Yissar A Novel Polymer For Diagnosis Of Bacterial Vaginosis And Trichomoniasis Infections.

13:45 Friday 20th

Room H Sponsored Lunch Symposium 13:45 → 15:30
Flexible choice for women in long-term contraceptive care- Sponsored by Gedeon Richter –

Chairperson/s: Andrea R. Genazzani

  • Andrea R. Genazzani Increasing importance of long-term reversible contraception
  • J Michel Foidart LNG IUS – an intrauterine system specifically designed to meet women’s expectations
  • Mitchell Creinin Access IUS Multicentre Study clinical data on the ongoing LNG IUS trial
  • Paula E. Briggs LNG IUS more choice for women, a clinician’s story

15:45 Friday 20th

Room F Sponsored Debate 15:45 → 16:45
New therapeutic proposals for PCOS and female infertility- Sponsored by Lo.Li Pharma-

Chairperson/s: Pedro Barri

  • Fabio Facchinetti Physiology and Therapeutic Use of Inositols In PCOS
  • Scott Roseff Integrative Support for Women Undergoing ART: Myo-Inositol and Melatonin Combined


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