Since 1995 the ESG Congress have been organized to gather the European gynecologists and obstetricians and those of the Mediterranean countries, inviting them to a scientific and clinical comparison around the topics of functional and organic gynaecology and obstetrics. The congresses of the ESG have an international vocation and gather the best European specialists in the various concerned domains.

The aims of the society are:

  • To encourage and develop the exchanges between the European gynaecologists
  • To share the medico-scientific experiences of its members
  • To develop teaching and experimentation in Europe in all the fields of Gynecology
  • To study ethical and social implications of the various branches of Gynecology

ESG Congresses have an international vocation and gather the best European specialists

Founding Chairpersons
Netter A. (FR)
Netter-Lambert A. (FR)
Founding members
PĂ©lissier-Langbort C. (FR)
Serfaty D. (FR)
Ngoc Minh H. (FR)
Honorary President Emeritus
PĂ©lissier-Langbort C. (FR)
Honorary Presidents
de Almeida Santos A. (PT)
Bouchard Philippe (FR)
Past Presidents
Calaf Alsina Joaquim (ES)
Thomas Karl (BE)

Executive Committee (2013-2017)

Genazzani A.R. (IT)
Past President
Serfaty D. (FR)
Vice Presidents
Barri P. (ES)
Calaf Alsina Joaquim (ES)
General Secretary
Almeida Santos A.T. (PT)
Deputy Secretary General
Simoncini T. (IT)
Past General Secretary
Foidart J.M. (BE)
Milewicz A. (PL)
Past Treasurer
Grimard A. (FR)
Past Deputy Treasurer
Gaspard U. (BE)

Board of Directors (2013-2017)

Adamyan L (RU)
Barri P. (ES)
Belaisch- Allart J. (FR)
Bitzer J. (CH)
Brincat M. (MT)
Calda P. (CZ)
Christin-Maitre S. (FR)
Kochman R. (IL)
Fauser B. (NL)

Kubba A. (UK)
Milewicz A. (PL)
Mueck A. (DE)
Nisolle M. (BE)
Prilepskaya V. (RU)
Schenker J. (IL)
Skouby S. O. (DK)
Tarlatzis B. (GR)